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21 May 2017; Bar Harbor USA.

21 May 2017; Bar Harbor USA.

Bar Harbor has two anchorages for cruise ships. In principle there is more space for more ships but those anchorages are hampered by two problems. A. the tender distance to town is becoming to long to provide a good service B. those areas are currently full of lobster pots so you cannot anchor there without…   read more of “21 May 2017; Bar…”

20 May 2017 Boston, USA.

My little operation came in action yesterday and I spent most of the day behind the computer preparing for two training courses the ship has asked me to give. Apart from hammering on the keyboard it also meant running around and talking to everybody as organizing something on a ship is as if you are…   read more of “20 May 2017 Boston,…”

19 May 2017; At Sea.

The low clouds stayed away, courtesy of colder air blown in with a steady breeze, and as this cooler wind was blowing over colder water, the fog never really could materialize. . It turned hazy but visibility remained more than the minimum 3 miles which meant the bridge did not need to go to battle…   read more of “19 May 2017; At…”