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10 April, Continuing the crossing.

After all the excitement of Punta Delgado, back to the restful routine of a ship at sea. The weather is holding up and the sea is starting to smooth out more and more. There is still a low swell rolling in, but it is getting less and less. The Azores are nothing more than mountain…   read more of “10 April,…”

9 April, Punta Delgado.

We arrived exactly on schedule at the pilot station. The pilot was slow in coming out and as a result he stepped on board when I was about to start the turn into the harbor. The weather on arrival was un-expectedly very windy (so much for weather forecasts to be correct) which caused the ship…   read more of “9 April, Punta…”

April 5, Another great day at sea

The ship is pitching gently on the waves, waves created by a weather system 48 hours ahead of us. This weather system is supposed to completely dissipate in the coming three days thus things are looking really well for the remainder of the crossing. Yesterday we left the Bermuda’s behind us and currently we are…   read more of “April 5, Another…”

April 4, Going across the Atlantic

Today we continued our crossing and by early evening we were South of Bermuda. The influence of Bermuda is noticeable on our crossing as the island has instigated a 200 miles no fishery zone around the island and also they have a 30 mile – no-pass-by-zone, if you do not call at a Bermudian port….   read more of “April 4, Going…”