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14 May, Rhodos

It is becoming boring I suppose but we had another beautiful sunny day. The arrival was quite windy, with a strong breeze setting us towards the dock. So we arrived “high” which means we kept a fair distance off the dock, while sailing in. Then I stopped the ship and let the wind blow the…   read more of “14 May,…”

13 May Kusidasi.

As mentioned before, Kusidasi is the most organized port during our cruise, clean well prepared and ready for everything. So much ready that it sometimes looks like a bit of overkill. The docking itself is a piece of cake as there are two piers sticking out, almost perpendicular, from the shore and apart from a…   read more of “13 May…”

12 May, Pireaus.

We arrived as scheduled at Piraeus pilot station for our Athens call, only to find the Star flyer, Wind Spirit and a host of other craft floating around the entrance waiting to get in. As usual the ferries had preference for coming and going. However communication between them and port control seemed to have been…   read more of “12 May,…”

11 May, At sea

It is not often that the seas are completely flat but that was what we had today, sailing South Eastwards along the Greek coast. The sky was hazy again with the now familiar brown tinge of Sahara sand in the air but with the sun shining it was a wonderful day at sea. The biggest…   read more of “11 May, At…”

10 May, Dubrovnik.

Once again a beautiful day to enjoy. Flat seas, no wind and clear skies. Temperatures nearly reached 80 today. Perfect day for exploring the sights of Dubrovnik. We are already planning for a next cruise in regards to this place. Two cruises from now, my regular dock will be taken by the Carnival Freedom, (see…   read more of “10 May,…”

09 May Venice.

Although drizzle was predicted, it was a sunny day but slightly hazy. The weather here in the Med is very difficult to predict anyway. The sea is enclosed by land on all sides and that has a great influence. The Russian flatlands to the North, the Sahara in Africa to the South, the Arabian dessert…   read more of “09 May…”

May 08, Dubrovnik.

The weather held and our moning call at Dubrovnik was a sunny affair. This is only a short port stop, from 0700 to 13.00 hrs., as it is such a long distance to Venice. I am always in a great hurry to leave because of that, while the guests are in no hurry at all…   read more of “May 08,…”

May 07, At Sea.

It seems that we have left the rainy weather behind us for the time being as the forecast for the coming days is only predicting sunshine. Early this morning we sailed past Stromboli again, with its top covered in clouds, so not much to see and then we headed for Messina strait. In order to…   read more of “May 07, At…”