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April 5, Another great day at sea

The ship is pitching gently on the waves, waves created by a weather system 48 hours ahead of us. This weather system is supposed to completely dissipate in the coming three days thus things are looking really well for the remainder of the crossing. Yesterday we left the Bermuda’s behind us and currently we are…   read more of “April 5, Another…”

April 4, Going across the Atlantic

Today we continued our crossing and by early evening we were South of Bermuda. The influence of Bermuda is noticeable on our crossing as the island has instigated a 200 miles no fishery zone around the island and also they have a 30 mile – no-pass-by-zone, if you do not call at a Bermudian port….   read more of “April 4, Going…”

April 3 going across the atlantic

This was our first full day in the north Atlantic and what a gorgeous day it was. Sunny skies, temperatures in the mid seventies and a gentle swell coming from the north that gave the ship just enough movement to let everybody know that we are at sea without really affecting anybody by it. The…   read more of “April 3 going…”

april 2nd. Our first day at sea

During our first sea day the Veendam sailed around Florida, having cleared the Tampa sea buoy just before 11 pm. the evening before. Next day April 2nd., it took until 7 am to reach the most western point of Florida, the island group called the Dry Tortugas. These low islands are the most western islands…   read more of “april 2nd. Our…”

Captain's Daily Log: Tampa departure

Our voyage started as a real long voyage starts. Departure delayed due the large amount of stores and supplies that we had to take with us. Thus our departure time was delayed from 1700 hrs. to 1900 hrs. However it had the advantage that some lost luggage from guests could still make it to the…   read more of “Captain's…”