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May 06, Naples.

In the Dutch language we have a saying: To first see Naples and then Die. This refers to the outstanding scenic beauty of the Bay of Naples. The early morning approach to the port is indeed very beautiful. You have to the south the island of Capri and ahead of you the sun climbing above…   read more of “May 06,…”

04 May, Monte Carlo.

This morning we had a bit of excitement, more excitement then I care for. In the early morning we approached the pilot station with a gentle breeze blowing from the North East and it looked a very promising day. We were scheduled to dock in Monte Carlo which since a few years has a semi…   read more of “04 May, Monte…”

03 May, Livorno, Italy.

Cruise ships call at Livorno because it is a convenient port for the ships tours to Florence, Sienna, Pisa, and other places in scenic Tuscany. The port itself is very busy with ferry and cargo ships going in and out twenty four hours a day. The entrance to the port is rather narrow and requires…   read more of “03 May, Livorno,…”

01 May, Messina.

Today we were in Messina, located on the east side of Sicily just opposite the Italian Mainland. Approaching the port is always interesting due to the ferry traffic coming and going from the port. Messina is located close to the mainland, only separated by Messina Strait and most of the traffic from Sicily to the…   read more of “01 May,…”

29 April, Venice.

The ship spent the night in Venice and this morning the disembarkation started. For some guests very early (like 5 am.), depending on what time their flights were leaving. For those staying in Venice there was not such a hurry of course. Getting to a hotel in downtown Venice is different from the rest of…   read more of “29 April,…”