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June 6, At sea.

From Piraeus to Venice the ship has to sail around the Peloponessos. The big land mass located south of Athens. Not only the Veendam has to do that but every ship that is too wide or has too much draft for going through the Corinth Canal. Not only Venice – Piraeus traffic but basically all…   read more of “June 6, At…”

5 June, Pireaus.

On request of the local authorities I arrived somewhat earlier than intended as I was advised that this would help beating the ferries going in and out. Upon arriving we found out that during the night port control must have changed their mind as we had to wait for 45 minutes. Not only me, but…   read more of “5 June,…”

4 June, Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the major tourist attractions among the Greek islands. The little white village was sought after by celebrities in the mid of the last century and later the regular crowds followed. That meant that more and more restaurants opened and also that the night life started to buzz. Since the 70’s it…   read more of “4 June,…”

3 June, Kusidasi

Upon arrival the whole port of kusidasi was confused. In one of my previous blogs I explained how well organized the port was, and they are. So everything is planned to go smoothly and then suddenly another cruise ship arrived that was not planned in the sequence arranged the day before. I do not know…   read more of “3 June,…”

02 june, Rhodos

Rhodos was a busy port today. Six cruise ships were scheduled to dock and with some ferry and cargo traffic arriving as well, it was a puzzle for the harbormaster to fit all the ships in. As there is not so much docking space availablein the port, the ships are allocated a dock in such…   read more of “02 june,…”

1 June, Santonni.

Beautiful day today; with a nearly cloudless sky and a gentle breeze to keep the temperature pleasant. As the tours did not leave that early, I arrived somewhat later as well and sailed in, on slow speed, around the centre volcano cone just after sunrise. The pattern of the call was first stopping at O’Athinios…   read more of “1 June,…”

31 May, at Sea.

As Bari radio promised yesterday, it was a gorgeous day and the ship was buzzing with very happy ladies. The wind had turned to the North West and thus became a following wind which caused just a nice gentle breeze to blow over the decks. As this is a charter cruise, the ships daily life…   read more of “31 May, at…”

30 May, Dubrovnik.

We were scheduled to tender in Dubrovnik in the Gruz town, as the old town anchorage was occupied by two cruise ships and the dock by the Carnival Freedom. As the tender ride would be a long one, I arrived a little early to give as much time as possible for the guests to enjoy…   read more of “30 May,…”