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08 November 2007, St Thomas.

Everybody talks about St Thomas but the port that we are calling at is called Charlotte Amalie. A name which is a left over from the days that the Danish owned St Thomas. The place is named after Queen Charlotte Amalie who lived in the 17th century and was the wife of King Christian V…   read more of “08 November 2007,…”

06 November 2007, At Sea.

This is our second day at sea and the new weather forecast is indicating that the weather front that brings us so much wind at the moment, will dissipate during the course of the day. As we are still in the lee of the Bahamas reef, there is not too much swell but that might…   read more of “06 November 2007,…”

05 November 2007 at Sea.

05 November 2007 at Sea. The nice thing about this 14 day cruise is that it starts with two sea days. No rushing and running around to get as much done as possible, no, two quiet and restful days at sea. The Cruise director has a chance to put on some more activities and the…   read more of “05 November 2007 at…”

04 November 2007, Tampa.

For the first time this season, we had a quiet transfer through Tampa Bay with only a gentle breeze blowing in the bay. We embarked the pilot half way up the entrance channel as is the rule and then sailed with 15 knots, full maneuvering speed, into the bay. Although for the first two hours…   read more of “04 November 2007,…”

03 November 2007, at sea.

The wind did not die down until very late this evening but as it kept coming from the same direction, full on the bow, it did not hamper the guests in enjoying a very nice day at sea. I only had to keep the forward observation deck closed. The last sea day always reminds me…   read more of “03 November 2007,…”

02 November 2007, Cozumel.

And then the fire alarm went off. For no apparent reason several smoke detectors in the ship went off at 9 am. in the morning. Thus as per company policy I raised the fire alarm and assembled all the teams. Within 3 minutes we knew that there was nothing wrong so the question was; what…   read more of “02 November 2007,…”