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20 October 2007, at sea.

This was our second day at sea and we continued sailing around Florida. What wouldn’t life be easy if we had a canal straight through Florida. Then you could do Tampa – Charleston in one night. No doubt there would be a bee line of cruise ships going in an out. New Orleans to Nassau…   read more of “20 October 2007, at…”

19 October 2007, at sea

Today I had my ‘battle” with the Gulf Stream. Before Charleston I had been downloading charts from the NOAA for the location of the main current of the Gulf Stream. This is called the Axis. Sometimes this location is given or sometimes the East or the West “wall” of the current. The knowledge of the…   read more of “19 October 2007, at…”

17 October 2007, at Sea.

The outside temperature rose during the night from the low fifties to the high sixties as we are approaching warmer weather again. It was not really a tropical day yet, mainly overcast with a lot of rain clouds looming in the distance, but at least the “Canadian” chill was out of the air. We all…   read more of “17 October 2007, at…”

14 October 2007, Bar Harbor.

I arrived two hours ahead of time in Bar Harbor as the whole ship had to go through the US Custom and Border Protection Inspection. Our official arrival time was 9 am. but I had the hook down and the door open at 07.00 awaiting the officials. They showed up shortly after and the ship…   read more of “14 October 2007,…”

13 October, Halifax. 2007.

During the course of the night the wind died further down and by the time we arrived at the pilot station it was blowing just under 20 knots from the SW. Thus no problems with docking and we were alongside on time. As the wind had been blowing in the Halifax area for quite some…   read more of “13 October,…”