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26 October 2007, Cozumel.

Things worked out quite well in the end. The wind and adverse current pushed us behind schedule during the night but in the morning the current turned around and started to flow with us. By the time we passed the South point of Cozumel Island we were flying with nearly five knots of current with…   read more of “26 October 2007,…”

24 October 2007, Belize.

And then the Weather changed. Predictions until late last night were given a light SE breeze with a chance of showers. On arrival at the pilot station it was blowing 35 knots from the North West. During the night a cold front has come down from the Gulf of Campeche, that is in the South…   read more of “24 October 2007,…”

23 October 2007, At Sea.

23 October 2007, At Sea.

Today was a peaceful day at sea. The Veendam is moving along with a sedate speed of 15 knots for a scheduled arrival tomorrow morning at Belize pilot station of 5 am. If we would go full out then we would be there around midnight. However there is not much too see in Belize around…   read more of “23 October 2007, At…”

22 October 2007, Key West.

We sailed timely from Tampa following the Carnival Legend back to open waters. The stretch between Tampa and Key West is very tight to make on time, so every minute counted and I kept the Veendam going as fast as the pilot was letting me. By 20.30 we were outside, heading on a southerly course…   read more of “22 October 2007,…”

21 October 2007, Tampa.

A few words about this “float my boat” contest of yesterday. This is a cruise staff happening and normally I am not involved. I simply do not have the time for it. But as we had two sea days between Charleston and Tampa, I had some leeway in the schedule. If you can spread paperwork…   read more of “21 October 2007,…”

20 October 2007, at sea.

This was our second day at sea and we continued sailing around Florida. What wouldn’t life be easy if we had a canal straight through Florida. Then you could do Tampa – Charleston in one night. No doubt there would be a bee line of cruise ships going in an out. New Orleans to Nassau…   read more of “20 October 2007, at…”

19 October 2007, at sea

Today I had my ‘battle” with the Gulf Stream. Before Charleston I had been downloading charts from the NOAA for the location of the main current of the Gulf Stream. This is called the Axis. Sometimes this location is given or sometimes the East or the West “wall” of the current. The knowledge of the…   read more of “19 October 2007, at…”