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Aug. 19, at sea.

Today was a sea day and everybody was ready for it. There is something in the air of Greenland, maybe it’s the freshness of the air or the beautiful sunshine or the glare on the ice, that made everybody so tired after a full the day in port of Nuuk. But everybody was tired and…   read more of “Aug. 19, at…”

Aug. 18, Nuuk.

Today we were in Nuuk, capital of Greenland and the biggest town on the island as well. The ship was in port from 9 am until 6 pm. as there was more than enough to do for a full day stop. Nuuk has basically 3 parts. The old town, the new town, and the new…   read more of “Aug. 18,…”

Aug 16.Prinz Christians Sund

It takes two days with a speed of 15 knots to get from Reykjavik to Narsaq on the West coast of Greenland. On the second day, the afternoon gives the chance to go through Prinz Christians Sund, a fjord on the south side of Greenland. It is not always possible to get through as the…   read more of “Aug 16.Prinz…”

Aug 15, at sea.

Today was the first seaday of two, while the ship crossed the Northern part of the North Atlantic Ocean, with an average speed of 15 knots. We were lucky with the weather, as most of the time it rains and blows here. Today it was just overcast with some confused swell rolling about. Confused means…   read more of “Aug 15, at…”

14 Aug. Exploring Iceland.

The Ocean Majesty clientele is mostly retired English folk and they enjoy a comfortable and simple product. They are looked after very well by the Page and Moy team on board, who run the entertainment and the shore excursion side. The ship is owned by Majestic Cruises of Athens, Greece and the catering is done…   read more of “14 Aug. Exploring…”

13 Aug. On my way.

As promised in my last blog of 22 june, here we go with a daily blog of the captain not on the bridge, but in the bar. A number of years ago, my wife Lesley started working, summertime/part time, for a British Travel Company called Page and Moy. She did so, as with me doing…   read more of “13 Aug. On my…”