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04 November 2007, Tampa.

For the first time this season, we had a quiet transfer through Tampa Bay with only a gentle breeze blowing in the bay. We embarked the pilot half way up the entrance channel as is the rule and then sailed with 15 knots, full maneuvering speed, into the bay. Although for the first two hours…   read more of “04 November 2007,…”

03 November 2007, at sea.

The wind did not die down until very late this evening but as it kept coming from the same direction, full on the bow, it did not hamper the guests in enjoying a very nice day at sea. I only had to keep the forward observation deck closed. The last sea day always reminds me…   read more of “03 November 2007,…”

02 November 2007, Cozumel.

And then the fire alarm went off. For no apparent reason several smoke detectors in the ship went off at 9 am. in the morning. Thus as per company policy I raised the fire alarm and assembled all the teams. Within 3 minutes we knew that there was nothing wrong so the question was; what…   read more of “02 November 2007,…”

31 October 2007, Belize

Sometimes the weather forecasters do live up to their reputation by getting it really wrong. The forecast for Belize was 16 knots from the NE and when we arrived it was blowing 30 knots from the North West. It did not matter that much for our call at Belize as the anchorage is safe even…   read more of “31 October 2007,…”

30 October 2007, at sea

Today we were at sea, sailing between Key West and Belize through the Yucatan channel. The weather was a bit wobbly, even with the stabelizers going at full speed. This was caused by winds from the North East blowing against the North going current. It creates a sort of washing machine effect, albeit on slow…   read more of “30 October 2007, at…”

29 October 2007, Key West.

The bunker barge delayed our departure by an hour in Tampa as for some unknown reason they pumped slower then normal. We loaded a 1000 tons of fuel and in the end we sailed 1 hour late. When we rounded the Dry Tortugas the wind picked up, blowing straight against us and for awhile I…   read more of “29 October 2007,…”

28 October 2007, Tampa.

We docked nicely on schedule with a bit of a breezy arrival. It blew over 30 knots when going under the Sunshine Skyway bridge but as it was a North Easterly wind, the turning basin near the dock was sufficiently in the lee for the wind not to be an issue. The lights of the…   read more of “28 October 2007,…”