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April 15, Monaco.

It is always a pleasure to come to Monte Carlo, even if it is only for the view from the ship. The bad weather dissipated during the night and there was hardly any wind at all during the day, just sunshine. However the wind had left some swell behind, so we were looking at a…   read more of “April 15,…”

April 14, Barcelona.

Today was the first day of bad weather that we had this cruise. During the night a weather system rolled in from the East Mediterranean with Winds up to 40 knots. Luckily the swell in the Med. is only wind driven, there is no long ocean swell as the Med is surrounded on all sides…   read more of “April 14,…”

April 13, At Sea.

Another glorious day. It was supposed to be rainy and windy today, but it seems that the frontal system coming from the East Med has been delayed. So it was nearly wind still and sunny with temperatures in the low 60’s. After leaving the Straits of Gibraltar behind us, we entered the Mediterranean Sea. The…   read more of “April 13, At…”

April 12, Cadiz.

In the early morning we started our approach to Cadiz. This town is located at the mouth of a river, a real estuary, with a wide shallow opening with mud flats/shallow water and then slowly tapering inwards to a regular river. That means that the tides in the port are generally higher than in non-estuary…   read more of “April 12,…”

10 April, Continuing the crossing.

After all the excitement of Punta Delgado, back to the restful routine of a ship at sea. The weather is holding up and the sea is starting to smooth out more and more. There is still a low swell rolling in, but it is getting less and less. The Azores are nothing more than mountain…   read more of “10 April,…”

9 April, Punta Delgado.

We arrived exactly on schedule at the pilot station. The pilot was slow in coming out and as a result he stepped on board when I was about to start the turn into the harbor. The weather on arrival was un-expectedly very windy (so much for weather forecasts to be correct) which caused the ship…   read more of “9 April, Punta…”