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23 April, Rhodos.

The island of Rhodos, also spelled Rhodes or Nissos Rodos is located just a few miles South of the Turkish mainland. As a matter of fact you can see the Turkish mountain ranges quite clearly from the town. The port of Rhodos is located on the most North Eastern tip of the island and situated…   read more of “23 April,…”

22 April, Santorini.

When we arrived at the NW entrance of Santorini it was still very windy from the evening before and it stayed windy when we sailed into the crater. From the old crater cone, three parts come above water. That is Nissos Thira which has the main town of Fira on it, Nidisha Nea Kameni which…   read more of “22 April,…”

April 19. Venice.

Venice is our turnover port, which means that the ship disembarks the guests here at the end of the cruise and embarks new guests. This time we did not disembark all of them as we had 134 guests onboard who were staying for the next cruise. Not a bad idea if you are in Europe…   read more of “April 19….”

April 18, Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is the last port of our Trans Atlantic cruise and a really beautiful one. This was only going to be a short stay so I made sure that the ship was docked nicely ahead of schedule and thus cleared on time. It wroked and the first guests stepped ashore right on the official arrival…   read more of “April 18,…”