Notes for the Reader & My sailing Schedule

Why this blog.

I enjoy writing and I love to write or talk about my job. About the great company that I work for and about life at sea in general. As the cruises tend to go to less and less sea days and the work of the captain gets more and more intense, there is less and less time to communicate directly and on a regular basis with the guests. Thus a blog is an excellent opportunity to alleviate this a little bit. As explained below it does not cost me that much time and hopefully the “daily result” is enjoyed by the readers.

You will not find issues about the ships or the company on this blog that involve customer relations. That is for the company head office to deal with through the proper channels. Whether the issues are positive or whether they are negative. A ships captain executes company policy; he does not make it.

I am trying to give the reader a bit of insight in what the world looks like from the captains perspective. As I try to live my life with a smile of my face, you will not find much moaning and groaning. A problem is for me a challenge and an opportunity and the glass is always half full, ………..even if I do not drink during my tenure on board. If you raise a question that fits in these general parameters that I have set myself, I will try to answer it during one of the next blogs.

My sailing schedule
As announced on 20th. of March 2014,  my career took a partial turn with working as a travelling trainer Master/ captain. Since the summer of 2018 it is now called Fleet Master. This means that in the forsee-able future I will not sail on one ship but travel from ship to ship.  My sailing schedule was always  already “subject to extremely much change”, and that is the one thing that will not change in the future.



08 Oct – 18 Oct 2018 ms Koningsdam,

26 Oct – Dec 2018 ms Nieuw Statendam

2019 to follow in due course.



My blog and other articles such as the ships and captains from the past.

I try to write one page each day during the time that I am at work. During my time off, I add pages with articles about cruises in the past, based on books and other material that I have in my collection. I am spending a lot of time at the moment on the biographies  of the captains of the ancient days and I will let you know through the blog each time an update takes place.

The blog is now officially a part from of the Holland America blog part of the Holland website and be reached by clicking on the blog area on the main page.

I normally write my blog in the evening. It takes about 20 minutes to make a rough draft and another 10 to take the mistakes out. It goes on line, whenever I get a chance to log on to the internet. If it goes on line the same evening, then you will see it during breakfast the  next morning. However as I travel worldwide, “breakfast time” might be variable.


With more and more people reading my blog, I get more and more spam. Most of it is filtered out automatically by a spam filter. I try to check this spam folder regularly and sometimes, lately quite often, I find genuine comments from readers in there. When I find them, they get re-instated, whether positive or negative. If your comment does not appear under the blog-day that you clicked on it most likely got lost in the spam filter permanently.