Current Captains and Their Schedules

Under this subdirectory you will find a series of biographies of current HAL captains and their schedules.

Please note this dates and assignments are subject to “extremely” much change.

Updated: 19 September 2017


Captain Jonathan Mercer until 24 September 2017

Captain Fred Evers 24 September 2017 until 04 January 2018

Captain Jonathan Mercer 04 January 2018 until April 2018


Captain Werner Timmers until 30 September 2017

Captain John Scott 30 September 2017 until 07 January 2018

Captain Werner Timmers  07 January 2017 until April 2018


Captain Emiel de Vries until 17 September 2017

Captain  Darrin Bowland 10 Dec 2017 until March 2018


Captain Arno Jutten until 27 September 2017

Captain Bas van Dreumel  27 September 2017 until 05 January 2018

Nieuw Amsterdam:

Captain Jeroen van Donselaar until 02 December 2017

Captain Edward van Zaane 02 December 2017 to March 2018


Captain Marco Carsjes until 25 September 2017

Captain Henk Draper until 05 January 2018


Captain Steven MacBeth until 24 September 2017

Captain Michiel Willems 24 September 2017 until 20 December 2017


Captain Dag Dvergastein until 13 October 2017

Captain Steven MacBeth 13 October and onwards


Captain Eric van der Wall until 07 October 2017


Captain Colm Ryan until 14 October 2017

Captain Noel Driscoll 14 October 2017 until 10 January 2018


Captain Frank van der Hoeven until 15 October 2017

Captain Chris Turner 15 October 2017 until 16 January 2018


Captain Vincent Smit 08 September  2017 until 08 December 2017


Captain Chris Norman until 24 September 2017

Captain Ane Smit 24 September until 15 December 2017


Captain Bart Vaartjes until 20 September 2017

Captain Wouter van Hoogdalem 20 September 207 until 27 December 2017

Notes: Captain Hans Mateboer and Captain Pieter van Maurik have retired from the active fleet and are now involved with Training and Development which includes stints at our Training Centre in Almere.

All captains not mentioned are on leave and Captain Tim Roberts and Captain Joost Eldering have currently assignments with Seabourn.

As a result Captains will move around and hence not all ship schedules have been finalized yet.

Captain, Rik Krombeen,  Captain Jochem Bakker and Captain  Jethro Beck are assigned to Seattle Office

For me, Captain Albert Schoonderbeek, please see my home page.



Current Captains and Their Schedules