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  • Post: Rudi’s Mediterranean Recipes: Greek Meatballs and Tzatziki
    Published On: May 17, 2021|Categories: Ship Crew, What's New|Views: 635|

    As we get ready to set sail for Greece this summer, our thoughts have us dreaming of the light and flavorful cuisine that awaits at each island. Not only is the food fresh and fun, it's also full of so much tradition that goes back to Ancient Greece. To get your taste buds ready to cruise, here are two incredible ...

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  • Post: Rudi’s Recipes: Indulge in a Sweet Treat for Easter and Passover
    Published On: Apr 02, 2021|Categories: Ship Crew, What's New|Views: 633|

    Passover began last weekend and ends this Sunday, and Easter is Sunday as well. If you're looking to celebrate with a sweet treat, we have two amazing recipes from our Master Chef Rudi Sodamin. For Passover, we're sharing a delicious macaroon, and Easter a rum custard tart with mango and kiwi. Both of these delicious desserts are sure to make ...

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  • Post: A Humanitarian Crisis: Response to Cruise Ships Stranded at Sea Tests Our Deepest Human Values
    Published On: Mar 30, 2020|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 1104|

    A Humanitarian Crisis Response to Cruise Ships Stranded at Sea Tests Our Deepest Human Values By Orlando Ashford, President, Holland America Line The coronavirus (COVID-19) has run rampant through neighborhoods, businesses and nations, catching all us off guard. Stoked by fear of contagion, millions of people around the world are sheltering in place waiting out the storm. During a time ...

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  • Post: Updated Statement Regarding Westerdam
    Published On: Feb 06, 2020|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 2256|

    Update: 3/4/2020 4 pm Pacific Time Holland America Line has consistently stated there was no evidence or indication of any cases or suspected cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on Westerdam. All guests and crew have been reported clear of COVID-19. We believe the one “positive” result was a false-positive, as repeated testing of the guest have been negative and not a ...

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  • Post: Holland America Line’s Prinsendam to Leave the Fleet July 1, 2019
    Published On: Jul 02, 2018|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 1407|

    Holland America Line announced that Prinsendam has been sold and will leave their fleet July 1, 2019, and transfer to the German cruise company Phoenix Reisen. Following the sale, the 37,983-ton, 835-guest Prinsendam is being chartered back to Holland America Line to continue sailing its planned voyages through July 1, 2019. Prinsendam’s itineraries from July 1, 2019, onward are scheduled ...

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  • Post: Explore Under the Sea Without Getting Wet on a Submarine Shore Excursion
    Published On: Oct 14, 2016|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 684|

    Holland America Line offers thousands of Journeys Ashore appealing to a wide variety of interests. Whether you seek active and adventurous or cultural and calm, we showcase some of the best sites and activities at each port. While there can be much to see on land, a tour that takes you below the surface without getting wet makes for a ...

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  • Post: Giddy Up For These Exciting Equestrian Shore Excursions Around the World
    Published On: Mar 11, 2016|Categories: Activities, Tours & Land Programs|Views: 494|

    Call all horse-lovers and those who just seek an adventure! Saddle up for a gallop across the globe! From the warm beaches of the Caribbean to breathtaking mountains of Iceland, Holland America Line offers many shore excursions for cruisers to go horseback riding. Whether you’re a cowboy, cowgirl or just someone looking for a little excitment, “tack up” and hold ...

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  • Post: Make the Most of Your Alaska Cruise with a Tour Package in Vancouver
    Published On: Mar 03, 2016|Categories: Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 757|

    During a Holland America Line cruise to Alaska, the sights and sounds of the Last Frontier are front and center during the seven-day voyage. From interesting ports like Haines, Juneau and Ketchikan to the spectacular scenery of Glacier Bay, the Inside Passage and Tracy Arm Fjord, guests marvels at the beauty of the region. In 2016, Nieuw Amsterdam makes its ...

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  • Post: Shore Excursions Uncover the Mystical Mayan Civilization on Mexico Cruises
    Published On: Sep 10, 2014|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 700|

    When it comes to ancient ruins, there's more to explore than just Europe and South America. Mexico boasts some of the most incredible and significant ruins in the world. The Mayan civilization spanned more than 2500 years, and hundreds of ruins in Mexico have been documented. In fact, there are so many sites that it's believed that more than 4,000 ...

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  • Post: Seattle and Vancouver Pre- and Post-Cruise Packages
    Published On: Jan 29, 2014|Categories: Booking, Cruise Planning|Views: 2013|

    During a Holland America Line cruise to Alaska, the sights and sounds of the Frontier State are front and center during the seven-day voyage. …

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  • Post: Rudi Sodamin’s Bread Pudding Recipe
    Published On: May 20, 2009|Categories: Ship Crew, What's New|Views: 1541|

    We received this plaintive cry for help and just couldn't resist the opportunity to share a Rudi Sodamin recipe with you: We have sailed on the Westerdam before and loved the trip and the bread pudding. I know I found the recipe on line before but can't find it now. Could you tell me how to find it or e-mail ...

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