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  • Post: The Perks of Holland America Line’s Mariner Society Loyalty Program
    Published On: Dec 02, 2021|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 9325|

    Since the inception of Holland America Line's Mariner Society loyalty program, it has evolved from a recognition cocktail party to a comprehensive program with Star levels featuring some wonderful benefits. All Mariners (past guests of Holland America Line) are enrolled automatically and will receive benefits starting with their second cruise! Holland America Line recently launched a NEW Mariner Early Booking ...


  • Post: Early Booking Bonus for All Mariner Society Members
    Published On: Oct 22, 2021|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 1342|

    Holland America Line has launched a new appreciation bonus program for all Mariner Society members! When Mariner Society members book a 2023 and beyond cruise within 90 days of a new season launch, you’ll receive onboard spending money on your cruise! This exclusive Early Booking Bonus is an ongoing benefit for our Mariner Society members and will be available for ...


  • Post: Quick Tips for First-Time Cruisers
    Published On: Feb 10, 2023|Categories: Cruise Planning, Featured Cruise, Preparations|Views: 4298|

    If going on a cruise is something you’ve wanted to do for weeks, months, or even years, but you don’t know where to start, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered! Here are quick tips to help you navigate your first cruise adventure. 1. Find a cruise that excites you. Whether it’s Alaska, Europe, the ...

  • Post: Through the Years: Holland America Line’s Seven Rotterdam Ships
    Published On: Jul 21, 2021|Categories: Fleet Features, What's New|Views: 2131|

    Holland America Line is lucky to have several company historians. Two notable figures are Captain Albert Schoonderbeek and Gerald Bernhoft, director Mariner Society. In anticipation of the launch of our new Rotterdam this month, the two brand experts sent in fun facts and information about the previous six Rotterdam ships that have carried the name for our company. Enjoy learning ...