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  • Post: Celebrating a Lifetime of Cruising Memories in Honor of Mother’s Day
    Published On: May 06, 2022|Categories: Activities, Life on Board|Views: 125|

    Sunday is Mother's Day in many places around the world. To celebrate, we asked our Facebook fans to share a favorite memory of cruising with mom, a mother figure or their kids — and the response was overwhelming! We had so many of you share your favorite photos, thoughts and experiences. It's very clear from the comments that family cruising ...

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  • Post: How to Prepare for Your Cruise and Embarkation Day
    Published On: Apr 21, 2022|Categories: Cruise Planning, Preparations|Views: 3208|

    It's hard to believe that your cruise is here! Today is departure day, and for the next seven, 10, 12, or maybe even 128 days, you're going to be cruising with us to new and wondrous places. For some of our guests, the ship is the destination and the ports we visit are an added bonus. Regardless, we're thrilled to ...

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  • Post: All You Need to Know for Your Cruise is on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Page
    Published On: Oct 03, 2019|Categories: Booking, Cruise Planning|Views: 982|

    What do I need to pack for my Alaska cruise? Do I need visas for my trip? Can I bring my own wine on board? These are questions you might have before embarking on your Holland America Line cruise. Did you know that on HollandAmerica.com there is a "Frequently Asked Questions" page that has the answers to our most commonly ...

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