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  • Post: How to Find the Best Binoculars for Wildlife Viewing in Alaska
    Published On: Mar 02, 2023|Categories: Preparations|Views: 1155|

    Alaska is a prime destination for wildlife viewing. But if you don’t have suitable binoculars, that Alaska brown bear and her cubs might look like … a few blurred dots. That mountain goat? Nothing but a spec. That humpback whale? A floating log. Find the best binoculars for wildlife viewing so you don’t miss a single magical moment. Everyone ...

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  • Post: 5 Unforgettable Experiences on Your Tour of Glacier Bay
    Published On: May 03, 2023|Categories: Activities, Featured Activities, Tours & Land Programs|Views: 327|

    As you stand on deck while touring Glacier Bay, notice the remarkable silence of a place empty of traffic, pedestrians and shops. Even without human infrastructure, the landscape is ever-changing. We’ve been bringing guests to Alaska for more than 75 years, but Glacier Bay always feels new. Here are the top five experiences: 1. Get ...

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  • Post: How to Explore Glacier Bay National Park with Kids
    Published On: May 01, 2023|Categories: Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 242|

    Glacier Bay National Park should have a top spot on every family’s bucket list. But unlike most national parks, you can’t just load up the family car and drive to it. Glacier Bay is only accessible by air or sea. Here’s how to explore Glacier Bay National Park with kids. A Day in Glacier Bay ...

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  • Post: Here Are the Best Places for Wildlife Sightings in Alaska
    Published On: Mar 02, 2023|Categories: Featured Travel, Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 717|

    Alaska isn’t just home to towering blue glaciers and dense green forests. You’ll find bears flocking to the water for their catch of the day, whales breaking through the sea’s surface to exhale, and bald eagles soaring across the sky. Looking for the best places for wildlife sightings? Here are some of the magical creatures that have made Alaska ...

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  • Post: Our Cruisers Offer Their Best Advice for Experiencing Alaska
    Published On: Jan 18, 2022|Categories: Preparations|Views: 2415|

    No one knows the ins and outs of Alaska better than our guests who have been there, done that ... many more than once! As we look to celebrate our 75th year exploring Alaska in 2022, we have an exciting season of cruises and Cruisetours that take you to the must-see places and hidden gems of this most gorgeous region. ...

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  • Post: Three Key Reasons to Choose Holland America Line for Your Alaska Adventure
    Published On: Dec 07, 2021|Categories: Booking, Cruise Planning|Views: 2033|

    Alaska is on the bucket list of many travelers, and there are plenty of reasons why: incredible scenery, imposing landscapes, warm and welcoming locals, a step back in time to the days of the Gold Rush, elusive wildlife and endless adventure. You can explore Alaska many ways, but if you're looking to cruise to Alaska, Holland America Line is your ...

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  • Post: Alaska Season is Underway, So Let’s Get Packing
    Published On: May 13, 2014|Categories: Cruise Planning, Preparations|Views: 1348|

    The wait is over! Holland America Line ships are back in Alaska for a full season of cruising to some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the state. …

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  • Post: Calving: Breakaways in Glacier Bay
    Published On: Aug 22, 2013|Categories: Activities, Life on Board|Views: 632|

    Photo courtesy of Controller Yono Sudarto. Alaska: the last frontier. The untouched quality of Alaskan wilderness lends itself to a sense of adventure and exciting natural occasions. Alaska Inside Passage cruises offer guests incredible views of one of the most exciting natural attractions in the state, glacier calving. Glacier calving is a natural event that occurs when large ...

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  • Post: Kayaking in Sitka, Alaska
    Published On: Jul 29, 2009|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 469|

    Zaandam called at Sitka, Alaska yesterday. This year is an anomaly economically and weather-wise. It is July in Alaska and the weather we had in May was both brighter and warmer. I am guessing mid to high 50’s today with gray skies and drizzle. The touring goes on regardless of weather and we are in the Tongass National Rainforest, the ...

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