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  • Post: Must-Buy Native Souvenirs to Bring Home From Your Cruise
    Published On: Dec 10, 2021|Categories: Activities, Tours & Land Programs|Views: 213|

    Travel exposes us to new cultures, experiences and traditions around the world. Whether it's stepping back in time walking along the cobbled medieval streets of Tallinn or exploring the ruins of Tulum in Mexico, one of the best ways to remember your cruise and the places you visited is to bring home a souvenir that is unique to the region. ...

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  • Post: A Humanitarian Crisis: Response to Cruise Ships Stranded at Sea Tests Our Deepest Human Values
    Published On: Mar 30, 2020|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 465|

    A Humanitarian Crisis Response to Cruise Ships Stranded at Sea Tests Our Deepest Human Values By Orlando Ashford, President, Holland America Line The coronavirus (COVID-19) has run rampant through neighborhoods, businesses and nations, catching all us off guard. Stoked by fear of contagion, millions of people around the world are sheltering in place waiting out the storm. During a time ...

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  • Post: Holland America Line Turns Up the Heat with Five New America’s Test Kitchen Cooking Shows for 2019
    Published On: Jan 18, 2019|Categories: Industry, What's New|Views: 194|

    From foodie newbies to seasoned cooks, Holland America Line is encouraging guests to embrace their love of cooking alongside the experts at America’s Test Kitchen with five new shows starting this month. The new 45-minute presentations — covering everything from tacos and takeout to dinner for two and sweet treats — join the 14 current shows and feature a mix ...

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