Flight Ease 2 Booking Options
1. Flexible fares FLEXIBLE FARES
For those who want greater flexibility.

Pay at final cruise payment: No need to pay at time of air booking.

Flexible Conditions: When booking our Flexible Fares there is no fee for making changes prior to the cruise final payment due date. After the cruise final payment due date, fees up to the full cost of the ticket apply.

2. Restricted fares RESTRICTED FARES
For those sure of their plans; generally lower rates.

Pay at time of air booking: Full payment for air reservation is due at time of air booking.

Change/Cancellation fees apply: Changes to air reservations will result in cancellation of air booking and cancellation fees up to the full cost of the ticket. Air prices are non-refundable (no money back).

( See General Terms and Conditions)

Flight Ease offers you convenience, competitive pricing and the peace of mind of 24-hour assistance while traveling to and from your cruise or Land+Sea Journey. Now available from 330 days to up to 4 days prior to departure.


Provides current, competitive rates from multiple carriers.


Saves search time by providing only those flights that arrive and depart in time for your journey.


Your flights are confirmed immediately, at the time of air booking.


In case of airline delay or cancellation, we’ll take care of any flight changes, if necessary, to join the voyage at the next available port of call.


Holland America Line is there to support you with 24-hour flight assistance.

Please call your Travel Professional to book Flight Ease for your cruise.

If you have a cruise booked and do not have a Travel Professional,
please call 1-877-932-4259 or 206-286-3900.

( See Booking Information)