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Is There A Dress Code?

The right clothing can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your cruise. First and foremost, dress for comfort. Daily life aboard ship and in ports of call is laid back and casual. Warmer climates call for clothing made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. For cooler climates, we suggest casual clothes that can be layered easily and possibly a raincoat and waterproof hat or umbrella and gloves. Certain shore excursions may require particular attention to clothing. For example, certain churches or other places of worship may not allow tank tops or short pants.

Bring a swimsuit as all of our ships have pools and whirlpools. You may wish to bring more than one outfit for the water. We ask that you wear shoes and a cover-up over a bathing suit when walking through the interior of the ship. If you would like to jog on the sports deck or work out in the fitness center, bring workout gear.

Footwear should include comfortable walking shoes for visits ashore and sandals or rubber-soled shoes for strolling on deck.

Evening dress falls into two distinct categories: Formal or Smart Casual. Smart Casual can be defined as slacks and sports shirts or sweater for men and skirt or trousers and sweater or blouse for women. Printed T-shirts, swimsuits, tank tops and shorts are not allowed in the restaurants or public areas during the evening hours.

On festive Formal evenings, ladies wear a cocktail dress or gown and gentlemen wear a suit and tie or tuxedo. Formal wear for ladies and gentlemen can be pre-ordered for your use during your cruise by calling Cruiseline Formalwear at 1-800-551-5091 or (305) 252-6565. For more information, please visit Your formal wear will be in your stateroom when you board. In order to complement your fellow guests, Holland America Line asks that you observe the suggested dress code throughout the entire evening. The number of Formal evenings on your cruise will depend upon the duration of the voyage. Please note, if you have booked collector voyages, the number of Formal evenings is based upon the duration of each individual voyage of the ship.

Voyages of 28 days or less will follow the schedule below for Formal evenings:

Voyage duration Number of Formal evenings
Less than 7 days
7 - 13 days
14 - 20 days
21 - 28 days

1 Formal evening
2 Formal evenings
3 Formal evenings
4 Formal evenings

The number of Formal evenings on voyages longer than 28 days will vary based on the activities and cruise schedule.