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Born in the mid 1970’s he grew up in San Francisco’s Bay area being influenced by his mother’s blue ribbon pies and the California fresh food movement. This love of fresh, sustainable and local food followed Tim throughout his work.

For many years Tim’s career focused on high-end fine dining. His journey began at the age of 14 with his first job bussing tables and all-purpose kitchen aid. By 17, he enrolled in Johnson & Wales University Culinary Program mastering the rigorous building blocks of classic techniques. The prestigious Foundlings Club in Miami incorporated the young chef graduate and soon promoted Tim as the Sous Chef at the tender age of 19. Pan-Asian pioneer, Jonathan Eismann of Pacific Time in Miami, hired Tim in 1994, and again, Tim carved his way through the kitchen and became Sous Chef at 22. While at Pacific Time, he caught the attention of the American Ambassador, Paul L. Cejas, who chose Tim to cross the Atlantic in 1999 as the new Chef de Cuisine at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. Cultivating his interests in the traditions and disciplines of old-world kitchens he made the time to apprentice at Michelin rated restaurants in Belgium.

Meeting up with Jonathan Eismann once again, his culinary mentor, in New York he opened the much anticipated THOM Restaurant as the Executive Chef. While THOM was under construction Tim took an opportunity to act as a visiting chef at Bond Street under acclaimed sushi Chef Hiroshi Nakahara. Enter the Triple R Group, who parlayed Tim’s knowledge and an Australian research and development journey into the opportunity that would bring him to Texas where he created a truly distinct menu and concept for Tom Tom Noodle House.

Gathering his vast bag of tricks, and an infinite pool of culinary knowledge, Tim wowed the Dallas scene in 2002 with the launch of his first restaurant, Standard 2706. Standard served up American cooking that was shaped by classical French training; creative and contemporary cuisine, amidst European culinary traditions without fanfare and fluff.

After closing Standard, Tim was approached by the Mansion on Turtle Creek to become the Chef de Cuisine under their newly hired Executive Chef John Tesar. Seeing the opportunity to be a part of the creative team that would establish a new era of distinction for such a legendary establishment he accepted the challenge. During Tim’s time at The Mansion, the hotel was able to regain its fifth star from the Dallas Morning News.

Courted by his good friend and founding father of Modern Texas Cuisine, Stephen Pyles, Tim accepted the Executive Chef position for the namesake and flagship restaurant. True to his curious nature, Tim was intrigued by the primal roots and regional style cooking of the Old West and was being called by the fire.

July Fourth, 2009 it was time to make a move and dial things back, and remember what he loved about cooking and food. Upon making a commitment to open a new restaurant in Dallas, which he thought would be a barbeque place; he decided to go directly to the source- in this case traveling three months through the Deep South and talking to people about cooking authentically over wood. Tim found American cookery at its roots; homemade, honest-to-goodness, whole foods and crafted dishes. Returning to Dallas he was determined to make the kind of food that conjures up memories of American heritage, food with soul and nostalgic integrity.

As a cook and an advocate of exploring the senses, Tim looks for the whole experience when designing a new dish: taste, texture, crunch, aromatics, appearance, and most important of all, that final flavor that lingers. That’s what he calls “taste Memory”. 2010 Smoke Restaurant redefined Dallas dining as one of the most important restaurants in the city. Chicken Scratch launched in 2012, nourishing the spirit of hospitality and celebrating the diversity and community of the American table.

His food continues to evolve naturally, honoring old-fashioned recipes and putting together an intelligent mix of flavors, sophisticated yet balanced with the familiar. He has found his food voice- honest, genuine and real.

Byres has been asked to speak by leaders in the environmentally sustainable community in reference to his "bloom where you are planted" approach to cooking with what is available to us both locally and regionally. Tim has made appearances on local, regional and national cooking shows; has been featured in Southern Living, Bon Appetite, Garden and Gun, and Forbes Magazines. He has just completed his first book, Smoke: New Firewood Cooking published by Rizzoli which is due out spring 2013 and is currently at work on numerous projects reflecting his expertise in firewood cooking and the American Lifestyle.

Awards Include: People’s Choice Best New Chef for 2012 by Food & Wine Magazine Best Chefs in Dallas by the Dallas Morning News, 2010 and 2012 Ten Best Restaurant Dishes in America by Food & Wine Magazine, 2010