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Alan was for many years the Principal Astronomer and Head of Operations at the Parkes Radio Observatory, CSIRO, Australia. He is a graduate of both Kings College and University College, London and has worked in England, Canada and several European countries, as well as at home in Australia. Although recently retired, he still takes a very active interest in all astronomical discoveries and topics.

His main research work (which has been published in scientific papers in over 150 major journals, books and magazine articles) includes:

Back in 1982 he was the co-discoverer of the then most distant known object in the universe and has since been involved in many other, major discoveries, including pin-pointing tens of thousands of those enigmatic objects called “quasars”.

Alan is also a dynamic and popular public speaker, having appeared frequently on ABC radio, Australian and International television, and having undertaken major presentations for such organisations as Celebrity Speakers, Australia. In particular he has the art, and a deep enjoyment, of making “tricky” scientific subjects understandable to anybody.

In his spare time, he loves Watercolour Painting, Singing, Guitar playing, Golf, and Talking….at none of which but the last, he says, is he any good!