Fado, Folklore & Food

Approximately 3 Hours
Moderate Activity  Meal 

Enjoy an evening experiencing one of Portugal’s most charming cultural treasures—the classic folksongs called Fado, first sung by the wives and families of the sailors absent on the Voyages of Discovery. The Fado originated as a song of considerable sadness sung by the poorer classes, expressing tales of unrequited passion, tragedy and jealousy. As Lisbon’s affluent families took an interest in Fado in the 18th century, it became more lighthearted and commented on topical events of the day.

Your Fado experience begins with a short sightseeing tour of Lisbon.

In the restaurant quarter where Fado is performed, dinner is served while Fado singers and folklore dancers perform for you.

In keeping with the spirit of the songs, the décor, furniture and fittings of the restaurants often typify the taverns of the 15th to 18th centuries.

Return to the ship having savored some of Lisbon’s most distinctive cultural and epicurean flavors.


This excursion is led in English