Thai Cooking Class

Approximately 7 Hours
Moderate Activity  Meal 

Thai food is internationally famous for its wonderful tastes and for its balance of five fundamental flavors in each dish or the overall meal—hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter (optional). It is also considered a very healthy cuisine. In comfort and serenity on pristine Sirey Beach, take this comprehensive Thai cooking course, starting with an introduction to Thai ingredients. You’ll visit a local market and participate in the actual cooking of a wide selection of mouth-watering Thai dishes—a hand-on experience! The class is conducted with fun and flair and begins with an in-depth discussion of Thai flavors, followed by tips on selection of herbs and spices. You will be given the recipes; then, in a workshop, you will learn to cook healthy, delicious Thai food. You’ll feel ready to be a sous chef by the end of the course. Sit down and enjoy your master dishes for lunch, with time to relax by the sea afterwards.


This excursion is led in English