Gatun Locks & Kayak in the Canal to Colon

Approximately 4 Hours
Strenuous Activity  Snack 

Gatún Lake was created during the building of the Panama Canal because raising the water level across the isthmus meant that excavations did not have to be so vast. A large earthen wall was built, villages were flooded and the water rose to form Gatún Lake. At the Melia Resort, you will gear up , and away you go—paddling a kayak on the Panama Canal itself. You’ll have approximately 1¾ hours to paddle among the islands of Gatún Lake. There are 1,368 species of vascular plants, 93 species of mammals and as many as 366 species of birds in this area. You will also visit the Gatún Locks Lookout where you will be able to see the operation of the canal—a great marvel of modern engineering.


Maximum weight is 250 lbs. Minimum age is 9 years. Double kayaks are used. This excursion will depart from Gatún Lake and will end in Colón where you will re-join the ship. Your tour may return before the ships arrive in Colon. Suitable for adventurous and physically able passengers.  Wildlife sightings, while likely, are not guaranteed.
This excursion is led in English