Red Sands Beach

Approximately 3½ Hours
Moderate Activity 

It’s a scenic drive to Ramla il-Hamra Beach, literally meaning "Red Sands." Ramla il-Hamra is the largest and still the most unspoiled beach on Gozo. It is also a historic site where the Romans built a villa richly decorated with marble and stucco. These Roman ruins now lie buried beneath the red sand. More recently, the Knights of St. John fortified Ramla il-Hamra against enemy intrusion. They constructed a battery which today is inconspicuous, but in 1715 included a submerged wall to deter marauding pirates from landing on the beach. High up on the cliff facing the sea, the Knights dug a hole into which explosive material was pressed and fired at the invaders—an early kind of cannon. Nowadays, Ramla il-Hamra Beach seems far removed from these disturbances. In the warm months it is very popular with swimmers and sun worshipers. A statue dedicated to Our Lady of Hope stands in the middle of the beach. Enjoy sunbathing, relaxing or even participating in one of the many water activities available (at your own expense). Re-join your coach and make your way back to the ship at the end of your time on the beach.


Wear your swimsuit under your clothing; bring a towel, sunscreen and a hat.
This excursion is led in English