Miraflores Locks by Night

Approximately 3 Hours
Moderate Activity 

Take this opportunity to pause and view the gargantuan ships that make their way through the Miraflores Locks’ chambers and to visit exhibits which include historical objects of Canal operations, interactive modules, video presentations, and models of the Panama Canal. Four exhibition halls, organized by theme, constitute the heart of the Miraflores Visitor Center. Hall One portrays the background, technological innovations, and sanitary initiatives that went hand in hand with the construction of the Canal. Hall Two emphasizes the importance of water, conservation of the environment, protection of the Canal watershed, the diversity of fauna and flora and sustainable management. Hall Three depicts in an entertaining manner how the Canal operates and offers a navigation simulator through one of the lock culverts. Hall Four provides information on the importance of the Canal to world trade and identifies the main commodities and types of vessels that transit the waterway. The return route will take you past the former Panama Canal Zone, where the military installations of the American administration are a gentle reminder of the strategic importance of the area. Today the former PCZ is very much intact and resembles a still life image of the days of the American Administration. Then, head back to the ship, filled with knowledge and history that will make your canal transit far more interesting.


Viewing of vessels in the locks’ chambers is dependent upon canal scheduling and is not guaranteed.


This excursion is led in English